8 December 2015 Comments Off on Rare and unpleasant : How Meniere’s Disease can wreak havoc on life if left unmanaged

Rare and unpleasant : How Meniere’s Disease can wreak havoc on life if left unmanaged

menThere are many conditions in the world which are misunderstood and untreatable, and whilst little is known about them, there are still countless people who suffer from them, both managed and unmanaged. If left unmanaged, a person might think they simply have to deal with the problem and make the best of the situation, but what they might not realise is that there is more help at hand than they know.

Basically, Meniere’s Disease is a rare condition which affects the inner ear, and because of this it can lead to balance problems and possible permanent hearing loss when left completely unmanaged. Symptoms can be very unpleasant and attacks are highly unpredictable. Because of the unpredictable nature of the condition, sufferers can occasionally develop anxiety and depression, because of the severe impact it can have on general day to day life. When attacks develop, symptoms can include vertigo, nausea and vomiting, tinnitus, a feeling of pressure deep inside the ear, sound distortion, and sensitivity to sounds. Again, temporary or permanent hearing loss can also occur. Severity and range of symptoms ranges widely from person to person, making management a very individually-focused deal.

Here at Eastern Brain Centre we are experienced in helping countless sufferers of Meniere’s Disease, to not only diagnose the condition, but also in administering various methods of management, such as vestibular rehabilitation, which has been shown to be highly successful in not only managing the severity of symptoms related to Meniere’s Disease, but also in reducing the frequency of attacks too. In conjunction with lifestyle and nutrition advice, this method has been shown to be very effective.

The actual cause of Meniere’s Disease is unknown, which is what makes it so difficult to treat. It is thought to be related to a problem with pressure occurring deep inside the ear, but no solid evidence is available. Because of this, management is centred around symptom control. Meniere’s Disease has also been found to be slightly more prevalent in women compared to men, and most commonly affects the 20-60 years age group. Anyone affected by Meniere’s Disease may find it difficult to be diagnosed at first, as the symptoms can be related to a variety of other conditions which may come to mind first. Once Meniere’s Disease is diagnosed, it is important to seek help, in order to stop the condition progressing to the point where permanent hearing loss is a possibility.

If you are at all worried about Meniere’s Disease, whether you have been diagnosed or you think you may be suffering undiagnosed, then don’t hang around for a second longer. There are management options available for the condition which can certainly make life easier. Call the practice now on 03 8652 1628 to arrange an appointment, to discuss your possible situation and future management options.

Meniere’s Disease might be a difficult situation to handle, but it is one that can be caught and restrained once help is sought.

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