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Why Chiropractic Is Helpful for Hip Arthritis

hip painMany people with Osteoarthritic changes of the hip that include pain, inflammation and joint deformity,  are turning to Chiropractic for help in managing pain and improving their mobility. Ealing Chiropractor Johan C Jeronimus DC DACNB says that the conservative care that Chiropractic can provide can be a very useful part of an overall care plan and complement the pain management and inflammation treatments available from Osteoarthritis Specialists and GPs.

Chiropractic offers a holistic approach to care, and in addition to Chiropractic adjustments, provides help with weight management, nutrition and safe and beneficial exercises that improve strength and mobility and help to reduce pain. For those waiting for hip surgery or in the post-operative period, Chiropractic care can help patients to be in the best physical shape they can be for their surgery and to make the best and most rapid return to health and mobility possible, afterwards.

Whether your are recently diagnosed with hip Osteoarthritis, are waiting for hip surgery or have recently undergone surgery, your Ealing Chiropractor can help, please call the Neuroworks practice (020 8566 3757) and find out what benefits Chiropractic could offer.

Who Gets Hip Arthritis?

The truth is that almost anyone can get this painful and often debilitating condition. Some of the factors are unavoidable – with the likelihood increasing with the number of Birthdays or a hip injury in the past. Another surprising risk factor is being overweight or obese and, as highlighted during Obesity Awareness week, which The National Obesity Forum held during January, this is a factor that people can do something about to reduce their risk of Osteoarthritis in the hip and other weight bearing joints.

Symptoms Of Hip Arthritis

The symptoms are insidious, creeping up on most patients over a number of years. The condition affects the cartilage that protects the ends of bones from the wear and tear of everyday activity. The cartilage degenerates, resulting in loss of joint mobility and pain.

A GP visit and physical exam, often followed, by an X-ray to confirm the Osteoarthritic changes within the hip joint is often, the way that most patients receive a diagnosis.

Initial symptoms might be a feeling of stiffness in the hips after sitting for a while or when getting out of bed. Patients report that pain may be anything from a dull aching sensation to excruciating sharp and stabbing. Other symptoms, as the condition worsens may include, joint inflammation and swelling, and unpleasant and worrying noises from the joint when moving that arise from bone grinding on bone because the protective cartilage has been eroded.

Why Chiropractic Is Helpful

Surgery to replace the eroded head of the femur bone and to re-line the damaged hip socket is often a worry, looming on the horizon for many patients with Osteoarthritis. However, it may be possible to delay the need for an invasive procedure like this with the conservative care offered by Chiropractors whose aim is to help patients with the management of pain and improvements in their mobility.

Chiropractic offers a holistic approach that combines working on joints and the soft tissues of the affected area, with weight management, nutrition and supplementation advice and invaluable mobility and strength building exercises.

By assisting patients to achieve their weight loss goals and able to be more mobile and active Neuroworks Ealing Chiropractor practice has helped many patients to manage Osteoarthritic hip changes. Why not call Neuroworks today on 020 8566 3757 – there are alternatives and options that you can explore for conservative care if Osteoarthritis is a problem you are experiencing.

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