20 February 2017 Comments Off on Why Mouthguards are Important

Why Mouthguards are Important

mouthguardsDiane Tozer, a Dental Prosthetist who runs Westside Dentistry, a leading supplier of dentures in Brisbane poses the question to all parents – “Does the club or school where your child plays their sport, support and enforce the ‘No Mouthguard, No Play’ policy envisioned in the collaboration between Sports Medicine Australia and the Australian Dental Association in 2015?

Diane has serious concerns that there are still many young sportspeople who are unprotected, either wearing one of the ‘boil and bite’ type of sports guards which do not fit well or offer sufficient protection. Worse still, many are wearing no mouthguard at all.

The Australian Dental Association‘s Dr Peter Alldritt who is chair of the Oral Health Committee emphasises that anything other than a custom mouthguard may provide a false sense of security and might, in fact, cause greater harm. He points out that the custom-made type, is the only one recommended by Dentists and he encourages parents to have one fitted for their child, whatever sport they play.

Getting a custom mouthguard made is surprisingly easy and inexpensive. Make an appointment at Westside Dentistry who are also, leading makers of Dentures Brisbane. Simply call them today on 07 3278 0580 to give your child the best possible protection. Follow the ‘No Mouthguard No Play‘ policy guidelines by ensuring that he or she, wears a sports guard during all practice sessions as well as on match days.

A Custom Mouthguard Is The Best Option

There are many avoidable dental injuries every year during matches and practice sessions and a correctly fitting protective appliance could have made the difference between being injured, and not.

A correctly fitting sports guard protects not only the teeth but also the jaw and soft tissues of the mouth and face. In addition, they can also help to protect against concussion injuries. Contact sports including hockey, soccer, rugby, etc., are the obvious ones for wearing a sports guard but there is always the potential for an accident such as a collision or the impact of a fall so it is better to be safe than sorry and wear appropriate protection when participating in any sport.

Surprisingly, about 40% of players will not wear a sports guard during practice, despite the fact that almost all sports coaches encourage wearing them at all times.  No mouthguard is any use if it gets left in the locker room and the fact that a correctly fitted one provides the best possible protection and is also more comfortable, allows wearers to speak and breathe without impediment, making it more likely to be worn – every time.

Cheaper Than The Alternatives!

When compared to the cost of repairing damaged tooth, or replacing it with an implant or denture, many parents are surprised that a ‘made to measure’ mouthguard is such an inexpensive option.  It is impossible to put a price on a painful dental injury that can cause lifetime problems and even disfigurement.

Published statistics clearly show that anyone playing sport and not protected by a custom sports mouthguard is going to have sixty times more chance of suffering an accident or injury to their mouth, jaw or face, than someone wearing a correctly fitted appliance. You can provide your child or anyone that participates in a sport with the best possible protection by getting a mouthguard made at Westside Dentures Brisbane.

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