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What Causes Nerve Pain

Nerve-Pain2-We asked Rachael Veronesi, a Sydney Chiropractor working at the Neurobalance Clinic to explain a little about nerve pain. She begins by saying that everyone’s experience is different and, although some people experience little more than some tingling ‘pins and needles’ type sensations, for others, the pain can be so severe that it is like getting an electric shock. For those with chronic nerve pain, the daily activities that we take for granted can prove impossible due to the intensity of the pain.

She goes on to explain that nerve pain can have a number of causes including,  as many as fifty different medical conditions that cause Neuropathy, many prescription medications or possibly having been exposed to a toxin causing damage to the nervous system. Biomechanical problems that compress, irritate or injure nerves are also common.

Perhaps, the most commonly known condition causing Neuropathy is Diabetes. Many Diabetics and pre-Diabetics, who have had medical tests, have some degree of Neuropathy, but absolutely no idea that they have a problem. As Dr Veronesi DC points out, this can be disastrous because, if blood sugar is not properly controlled, the damage to peripheral nerves can have serious consequences, including amputations.

Chiropractors most often deal with nerve pain arising from biomechanical problems and one of the most common seen in the Neurobalance clinic, is Sciatica. This sometimes excruciatingly painful problem arises from the spine, where a disc degeneration or a bulging disc may be compressing the sciatic nerve causing radiating pain affecting the lower back, buttocks and thighs. Other causes of nerve pain commonly dealt with in the clinic are repetitive strain injuries caused by sporting or daily work activities.

Dr Veronesi goes on to explain the unfortunate situation that having Neuropathy from any of the factors she mentions can make a person much more likely to suffer nerve pain caused by nerve compression, the most common being Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Damaged nerves can send corrupted messages to the brain leading to disproportionate feelings of pain or alternatively, the nerves stop sending messages altogether, leading to a sensation of numbness.

Making A Diagnosis

There is no substitute for an early diagnosis. Several conditions can cause nerve pain that presents in a similar manner. It is important to get to the root cause of the problem so that the correct treatment can be started and further damage to the affected nerves can be avoided.

Unfortunately, some patients never get a diagnosis of their nerve pain. Despite many examinations, tests and so on, no obvious cause is ever discovered and their pain is described as unexplained, or ‘idiopathic’.

Nerve Pain Treatments

The treatment will depend on the cause of a nerve pain problem. For a Diabetic patient, for example, the primary treatment may be concerned with ensuring that blood sugar levels are under control. This can prevent further damage to nerves, leading to disability with the loss of sensation in fingers and toes and the potential for infection or injury to lead to amputations.

Your Sydney Chiropractor can evaluate whether Chiropractic treatment is appropriate for you. Conservative, gentle, chiropractic adjustments are very helpful in the treatment of nerve pain with a biomechanical cause.

Dr Veronesi advises taking swift action if you are experiencing nerve pain. Getting to the root cause of the problem as soon as possible is better than waiting to see if it gets better on its own! Call NeuroBalance Chiropractic on either 02 9938 5456 (Brookvale), or 02 9420 1474 (Lane Cove). We can discuss your options and begin a treatment plan or arrange a referral to another health care provider if Chiropractic treatment is not appropriate in your case.

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