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Flexion Distraction Table- A boon for chiropractic care

adjustingThe flexion distraction table is the most common chiropractic table used by health professionals across the world. This is due to the fact that with the help of this segmented drop-away table,chiropractors remain in complete control of the amount of force applied behind the thrust. Sunbury Chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Chatfield and Dr. Janet Georgis explain that with the flexion distraction table, the treatment becomes gentle and non-force in nature for the patient. Therefore, it has been accepted as an excellent treatment option even for patients with osteoarthritis or for those who are in advanced age.

Advantages of flexion distraction table

Sunbury Chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Chatfield further explains that flexion distraction table is a boon for chiropractors since performing spine adjustments manually can lead to stiff fingers, arms, wrists, and backs as they have to bend over for long period of time during the treatment process. Whereas, the flexion distraction table uses gravity to assist in controlling adjustments and the chiropractors are not required to use much force thus making the process simpler and easier for them.

Another highly experienced Sunbury Chiropractor, Dr. Janet Georgis adds that this table’s adjusting features such as ball hand grip reduces stress on the hands and wrists while performing spinal adjustments. The table also offers a pneumatic system that helps counterbalance the patient’s weight.

Apart from being a useful device in chiropractic care, this table is equally beneficial for the patients. The flexion distraction therapy when used has given the patients bigger relief from perceived pain. With flexion distraction therapy, the pressure is applied to specific areas in order to relieve pain, restore the range of motion and to realign the spine.

There are some proven clinical benefits of using the flexion distraction table, they are –

  1. This therapy helps in increasing the spinal motion and the fluid within the discs and spinal joints.
  2. It reduces the pressure on the spinal nerves caused due to herniation or a disc bulge.
  3. It helps in reducing the symptoms of sciatica.

Various uses of the flexion distraction table

The flexion distraction tables help the chiropractors in proper administering of the flexion therapy. Sunbury Chiropractor’s informs that these tables can be used to treat all back and joint problems effectively. Conditions such as leg pain, sciatica, sprain, strain, scoliosis, lower back stiffness, slipped disc, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylolisthesis, arthritis and other general lower back problems can be treated effectively.

The patients are counter balanced on cushioned table thus making the whole process gentle and smooth for them. It is also ideal for patients who are recovering from surgery or injury and are suffering from after pains.The movements are slow and repetitive without any quick thrust thus making the whole process comfortable and relaxing for patients.


With numerous benefits and uses of flexion distraction table, we can easily conclude that it is the best possible care which can be provided to patients with back pain. Flexion distraction table is the most versatile chiropractic table as it can be used to treat various conditions of lumbar spine. The flexion therapy aims at increasing the spinal motion and in the process resolves the disc bulges and disc herniations.

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