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Professional Golfing: Preventing Injuries

golfing-injuriesThis year’s Australian Open is being held for the 20th time at the Australian Golf Club in Sydney beginning on 23rd November. The Australian Nation’s oldest golfing tournament may not have the biggest prize money on the PGA circuit, but for players, the Stonehaven Cup is the one they dream of holding aloft in this, Australia’s prestige golfing event.

Ben Purcell, your Bathurst Chiropractor, points out that while events such as the Australian Open are great for inspiring players to pick up their clubs again, it can result in injury for those who have not played for a while. He points out that while Golfers are generally not regarded as athletes, but the level of fitness required can be deceptive as the game incorporates the need for strength, cardiovascular fitness, good coordination and balance.

Protect Yourself from Common Golfing Injuries

With the risk of injury in mind, for those who are returning to the game or maybe just starting out on their participation in the sport, your Bathurst Chiropractor has put together some useful guidelines below on how to protect yourself from the commonest injuries that can occur.

Rotator Cuff Injuries are the most common cause of shoulder pain for golfers and usually affect the leading shoulder causing pain, irritation, and inflammation. The cause is usually incorrect technique because of the rotation required through the shoulder. However, if you are confident that the mechanics of your swing action are correct, talk to your Chiropractor who can advise on suitable stretches to do at home and before playing in order to improve mobility and build strength and endurance in the shoulder joints.

Wrist Pain most commonly arises from overuse. In golfers, this affects the leading wrist more, due to tendinitis that can arise from repeating the swing action many times during each game. Another common cause of wrist injury is when the swing action is incorrect and results in striking the ground instead of the ball. Getting some professional coaching to improve your swing action and performing strengthening exercises for the forearm and hand will help to prevent injury or a recurrence.

Elbow Pain often results from a faulty swing. This may be either, an over-swing or, striking the ground, not the ball and can result in tendinitis. Learning some simple exercises incorporating resistance bands to strengthen tendons and muscles surrounding the elbow, performing some stretches for the whole arm and wrist before each game, and getting professional coaching to improve your swing will all be of benefit.

Knee Pain usually affects the leading knee more than the other one. The leading knee has to bear most of the body’s weight at the end of each swing. Correct technique, particularly in the downswing will help to avoid knee pain. Warming up before each game using stretches that work core muscles, hamstrings and the muscles of the calves and thighs is important in preventing knee injuries. For those who have a previous injury or a biomechanical problem, wearing an appropriate knee brace or orthotics in golfing shoes can help – if in doubt, consult your Bathurst Chiropractor.

Low Back Pain affects most of us at some time or other and is common for golfers too. Repetitive movements are a key culprit. In golf, it is the swing action and the body rotation during the swing (particularly if not performed correctly), that can be responsible for low back pain. Pain can come from a problem with vertebrae, discs or the surrounding muscles and tendons. Once again, professional coaching in perfecting the basics of the golf swing is important in preventing pain and injury. Working with your Chiropractor or Physiotherapist in order to improve flexibility, core strength and the range of hip movement will also help. A final point to bear in mind is, that if you carry your golf bag, remember to balance the weight, either by using two shoulder straps or by alternating shoulders throughout your golf round.

And finally …

Injury can be a misery, not only because of the pain but because it sidelines you from participating in this wonderful game. As we get older, strength, stamina, range of joint motion and flexibility can all decline, so whether you have an injury, or a desire to increase your mobility, call your Bathurst Chiropractor now on (02) 6331 1004 now to arrange an initial appointment.

Who knows, you may get your hands on the Stonehaven Cup next year – it’s certainly good to have big dreams!

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