4 December 2019 Comments Off on Best Natural Remedies for Joint Inflammation

Best Natural Remedies for Joint Inflammation

artThose suffering from arthritis often suffer from joint inflammation and pain. It is a condition that makes it difficult to go about one’s daily life activities. Although medical intervention may cause some relief, the pain and joint inflammation may still persist. On the other hand, some patients may suffer from side effects of the medicine they receive. This is one of the reasons why people are turning to natural remedies to get relief. Here are some of the best natural remedies to deal with pain and joint inflammation.


a) Regular exercise

Regular exercise helps in maintaining flexibility in the joint areas and muscle strength. If you are suffering from joint inflammation, it is advisable to try low impact exercises such as swimming. This is because weight bearing exercise such as walking or running may cause a lot of pain. You may also want to consider seeking the services of Sunbury Chiropractor care to ensure you reach your health goals.


b) Weight Loss

Your weight has a huge impact on the amount of pain you experience from joint inflammation. Increased weight affects the pressure between your joints, which results in the cartilage between the joints to break down more easily. In addition, losing weight ensures you improve your mobility, and thus reduces chances of causing damage to your joints.


c) Hot and Cold Therapy

Although hot and cold therapy are two different methods of dealing with joint inflammation, they are very effective. Hot therapy is effective in boosting blood circulation and also helps in soothing aching muscles and stiff joints. Cold therapy on the other hand slows down blood circulation by restricting flow in blood vessels. This helps in numbing pain and also reduces swelling. Heat therapy may involve placing a heating pad on the affected joints or taking a warm bath. Cold treatment options may include placing a pad of ice or cold packs on the affected areas.


d) Omega- 3 fatty acids

Fatty acids are known for the role they play in regulating the immune system in our bodies as well as reducing inflammation. Some of the sources of omega-3 fatty acids include fish, seeds and nuts. There are also supplements available in pharmacies that have omega-3 fatty acids.


e) Massage

Taking a message helps in reducing pain in the affected areas, as well improving your range or motion. It is therefore advisable to schedule appointments if you experience pain and joint inflammation. If you are near Sunbury, you can schedule an appointment with Sunbury Chiropractor, where you will get to work on your connective tissues and muscles to enable them heal more completely.


f) Add turmeric to your dishes

Turmeric is a yellow spice common in Indian dishes. It contains a chemical known as curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Studies done on rats have shown that this spice reduced joint inflammation. It is recommended to add at least a half spoonful to your rice or vegetables.

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