21 August 2020 Comments Off on Updated Chatfield Chiropractic Safety Measures

Updated Chatfield Chiropractic Safety Measures

The surging pandemic has changed how we handle our patients. As our work involves physical contact between the doctor and patient, we employ high hygiene standards to ensure no infection transmission. Top on the list is surgical masks, sanitizers, and safety glasses. Their use is consistent with the recommended procedures by the National Health Service.

Steps Used to Ensure Compliance at the Sunbury Chiropractor


  • Before you enter the health centre, there is a sanitizer station at the entrance. Anyone entering the facility must clean their hands before entry.
  • Any shared equipment within the facility, such as pens, are either cleaned or new ones provided. In addition, extra cleaning measures are incorporated in all processes to break down the transmission chances.
  • Our specialists, Janet and Daniel, have to put on safety glasses and the recommended surgical mask when attending to patients. These protective attires are regularly changed and hygienically discarded.
  • If the number of patients grows in a day, some patients are asked to postpone their treatment. This is in line with the decongestion policy enforced by the government to break the transmission.

What Happens When you are in No Shape to Reach the Health Centre?


  • If the injuries are not severe, you can drive at least 5 km to reach the facility. Suppose it is an appointment, check-in on time to facilitate faster attendance. For people coming for the first time, ensure you are in shape to drive to the facility.
  • In case you are stopped by police on your way to the clinic, you can either use the appointment card, reminder text, or referee. The note helps you gain passage and avoid delaying for your appointment.
  • If you cannot take yourself to the Sunbury Chiropractor clinic, you can call in a caregiver. However, this is only by appointment for planning purposes. You will have to facilitate the whole process and the treatment.

How does the Facility Facilitate Faster Service?

The company has a messaging system to notify you when it is your turn to visit the specialist. You do not have to queue on the facility waiting bay for your turn. Sit in your car and wait for your turn.

To ensure the highest standards of cleanliness, we might take some time to prepare for treatment. Please bear with us as we try to make the atmosphere conducive for treatment.

Despite the havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we will continue serving you diligently. Our broad smiles will be visible, even behind the masks.
Other than direct treatment, we are open for consultation on all our communication channels. If you have any questions, observations, or suggestions, chat us up on our website messaging system.

Also, you can use the telephone numbers on our website, or visit us in either our Roxburgh Park or Sunbury facilities. We can handle all your injury worries and any other health-related issues.

Make sure you stay safe and be your brother’s keeper during these difficult times.

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