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Treating Headaches with Physiotherapy

Experiencing a headache is a common occurrence for the majority of the population. However, not many realize that there are different types of headaches that can be caused by various factors. This often results in those suffering from headaches seeking common treatment methods. While they may work for some types of headaches, they may not be effective for others. This is why it is important to seek the services of a qualified specialist to establish the underlying cause of the headache, and the treatment options available. One of the effective treatment methods is spinal physiotherapy, especially in instances where the headache is related to neck pain. These types of headaches are usually referred to as ‘cervicogenic’.


What are Cervicogenic headaches

Cervicogenic headaches are usually a result of stiff joints in the upper neck. Under normal circumstances, the joints of the neck glide freely. However, when the surrounding muscles or ligaments of the neck experience injury or become irritated, the joints become stiff, resulting in pain on the head and areas surrounding the eyes. Although you will be experiencing a headache, the pain may be coming from another area of your body.

Symptoms of Cervicogenic headaches

The symptoms associated with cervicogenic headaches may sometimes mimic those of migraines. However, the main difference is that the causes of migraines are rooted in the brain, while those of cervicogenic headaches are from the cervical spine. Some of the common symptoms of cervicogenic headaches include:

– Throbbing head pain

– Stiffness in the neck

– Pain on one side of your face or head

– Pain when sneezing or coughing

– Possible nausea or dizziness

– Painful or restricted neck movement

– Pain radiating from back to the front of the head

– Possible blurry vision

– Possible sensitivity to light or noise


Causes of cervicogenic headaches

Since cervicogenic headaches are a result of neck problems, they can be triggered by a variety of conditions. These conditions may range from injuries, prolapsed discs on the neck, whiplash injuries, or even degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis among others. These types of headaches are also associated with bad posture when sitting or standing. They may also, be caused by sleeping in an awkward position. A pinched or compressed nerve in the neck or surrounding areas may also result in this type of headaches.

Treating and managing cervicogenic headaches

To effectively treat and manage a headache, it is important to first determine the type and its cause. If you are experiencing a cervicogenic headache, one of the effective ways to treat and manage it is through spinal physiotherapy. This will help in strengthening your neck muscles so as to improve the mobility of your joints and reduce pain. Some of the therapy options may include acupuncture, chiropractic care, and relaxation techniques among others. If you are experiencing this type of headache, call 9144-1510 now to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists

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