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What is Silent Migraines and How to Manage the Condition

Anybody who has ever experienced a migraine knows how painful, annoying and uncomfortable that feeling can be. The sharp, throbbing pain on one side of the head and other symptoms like sensitivity to light can be very irritating, plus it can affect you and how to perform your activities for hours. The migraine that comes with pain is the most common in most people.

Silent migraines

Silent migraines are another type of migraine that does not cause any pain, but they do trigger other devastating and debilitating symptoms. Even though these silent migraines don’t cause pain, they have the same effects as the normal ones, and they can be very disruptive in how you handle your activities due to lack of concentration.

Symptoms of silent migraine

One may experience signs of a regular migraine but not all of them. Here are some of the common indicators of silent migraine.

  • Vision disturbances, which may appear to one or both eyes. This is the most common feeling for most people and can be characterized by:Seeing black spots or blind spots
    Double vision
    Seeing bright flashes of light
    Sometimes seeing zigzag
    One may temporarily experience loss of vision. Many people may refer to these problems in vision as aura, and they serve as a warning sign for an incoming headache.
  • Feeling some numbness or a tingling sensation in one arm
  • Lack of calmness and lconcentration.
  • Some episodes of dizziness may be experienced

What causes silent migraines?

The causes of migraine disorders are unknown, but most doctors believe that several factors contribute to one suffering from migraines of any kind. The factors can be mental, environmental, or Genetics may play a big role as a contributing factor. Some of the most common triggers of silent migraines include:

  • Stress and overthinking
  • Change in sleeping patterns, especially if you lack sleep
  • Some medications
  • Weather changes
  • Consumption of alcohol, caffeine and other foods. Also, drugs like marijuana can trigger an episode of silent migraines.
  • Hormonal changes, but this is most common in females during their monthly periods, pregnancy and even when they approach menopause.

Are there treatments for silent migraines?

The answer to this question is yes. Doctors can give you some drug prescriptions to deal with these kinds of migraines. There are also other ways to prevent silent migraines without using pain medications, including:

  • One can opt for yoga to help with calming the mind and relieving stress.
  • Lifestyle changes like quit the use of alcohol, taking caffeine and other drugs.
  • Seek professional help.

One can also make an appointment with a Sunbury Chiropractor who can provide you with the required chiropractic care and advice on stress management to help you deal with silent migraines. Sometimes your migraines may be caused by problems in the body, and getting diagnosed by a professional can prove to be the best preventive remedy to stop migraines once and for all.


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