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1 July 2021 Comments Off on Common Football Injuries

Common Football Injuries

Are you a football enthusiast? Have you ever injured yourself while playing? This is your guide in understanding the type of soccer injuries. Soccer is a physical sport, which might lead to severe injuries. Be it minor and major injuries, every injury needs special attention.   Types of Soccer Injuries   Achilles Tendon Rapture It […]

3 March 2020 Comments Off on Natural Neck Pain Relief

Natural Neck Pain Relief

Having persistent neck and back discomfort can be a real pain in the neck – literally. Luckily, there are plenty of natural ways to help alleviate neck pain and bring relief from persistent discomfort, as well as helping to prevent further issues in the future.   Typical Causes of Neck Pain There are a number […]

9 December 2019 Comments Off on The Complete Guide to Low Back Pain and Sciatica Treatment

The Complete Guide to Low Back Pain and Sciatica Treatment

Low back pain and sciatica are very common. Over 80 per cent of individuals have at least an episode of back pain. Even though back pain is not usually a serious medical problem and usually goes away by itself, it can be annoying if it interferes with everyday life. Sciatica is a casual term for […]

1 August 2019 Comments Off on Importance of Sports Physiotherapy to Tennis Players

Importance of Sports Physiotherapy to Tennis Players

The glare and adrenaline that come with tennis excite both the crowd and the players. The game might run into hours and must be concluded to have a winner. However, such a display does not come easy for the athletes because they have to keep fit to avoid injuries. Standard practices dictate some procedural routines, […]

31 May 2019 Comments Off on 10 Common Questions About Whiplash

10 Common Questions About Whiplash

Whiplash is an injury to the neck. Also called neck strain or neck sprain, the condition is characterized by symptoms that occur following a car accident or an injury sustained during a fall or sport. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the condition.   What is whiplash? A neck sprain or […]

28 January 2019 Comments Off on What is Cervical Spondylosis?

What is Cervical Spondylosis?

Cervical Spondylosis is an age related condition that affects discs and joints in the cervical spine. This condition usually occurs in middle aged people and the elderly. Cervical Spondylosis is commonly known as osteoarthritis (neck arthritis) and causes distressing neck pain.   How you can get it There are many different ways that you can […]

26 July 2018 Comments Off on The Reason behind Knee Pain among Golfers

The Reason behind Knee Pain among Golfers

Golf is a sport that is liked by many people especially the older folks. It is regarded as a great low-impact activity for them to stay active. Nevertheless, golfers are at risk of several kinds of injuries. Knee pain is the most common injury that golfers experience. The golf swings place high amounts of torque […]

6 December 2017 Comments Off on Professional Golfing: Preventing Injuries

Professional Golfing: Preventing Injuries

This year’s Australian Open is being held for the 20th time at the Australian Golf Club in Sydney beginning on 23rd November. The Australian Nation’s oldest golfing tournament may not have the biggest prize money on the PGA circuit, but for players, the Stonehaven Cup is the one they dream of holding aloft in this, […]

20 February 2017 Comments Off on Why Mouthguards are Important

Why Mouthguards are Important

Diane Tozer, a Dental Prosthetist who runs Westside Dentistry, a leading supplier of dentures in Brisbane poses the question to all parents – “Does the club or school where your child plays their sport, support and enforce the ‘No Mouthguard, No Play’ policy envisioned in the collaboration between Sports Medicine Australia and the Australian Dental […]

23 August 2016 Comments Off on Injuries in Australian Football League

Injuries in Australian Football League

Australian rules football, or AFL, is known for the amount of sports injuries it often causes. It is considered a high contact sport, however unlike some of its relatives such as ruby union or gridiron, very little, if any, protective gear is commonly worn. At SpineScan we see all kinds of injuries. Not only do […]